Episode 40, part 1: Decisions That Normal People Don’t Make (with Jaime Casap)

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Our guest Jaime Casap thinks one of the worst things you can ask a kid is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s an outdated question that confines a person’s impact too specifically. The better question is: “What problem do you want to solve?”

After 14 years at Google, most recently as its Global Education Evangelist, Jaime has several problems he plans to confront head-on. How can we make education more collaborative among students? How has the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the frailties and inequities of our current system, and how can an expanded role of technology help correct them? And why haven’t more people with his background achieved the status he has?

Jaime has so many interesting ideas and is so generous with his time, our discussion ran super long. So we’re releasing Episode 40 in two parts; watch for Part 2 on Thursday, July 23.

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