Dad 2.0 Is Coming To You!

Doug FrenchDad 2.0 Digital, Fatherhood on Friday

Leap Day seems about a thousand leaps ago, doesn’t it? Looking back, it’s surreal to think how fortunate we were to get together and have actual body contact with other humans just two weeks before Lockdown. Even then, when we announced our LA event, we were looking for ways to innovate, in order to convene more often in more locations and bring more content to more people worldwide.

And now, since in-person conferences are off the table for the moment (unless every attendee gets one of these), we have the unique incentive to accelerate our content development and deliver Dad 2.0 right into your lap(top). Introducing: Dad 2.0 Digital!

While we’ve researched this new medium over the past months, we’ve discovered several compelling aspects that will add a lot of value. We can still have all the programming you’re used to — keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, Spotlight readings, and even Dad Voices — all designed to help you become better entrepreneurs, influencers, writers, fathers, and men.

But we can also add options like 1:1 networking with Sponsors and mentors, coordinated viewing parties, and online activities with prizes. And as we’ve seen with our podcast, we can make our content available long after the conference is over to serve as an evergreen resource.

If you’re ready to join us on October 1-2-3, you can find all the details here, including a whopper of a deal that lets you attend both Dad 2.0 Digital AND Dad 2.021 for just $149. We know times are challenging, and we also know we’re going to emerge from them as strong as ever when we meet in person again.

And don’t think we haven’t thought about incorporating those bouncy bubble balls when we do. 


Dads with leaf blowers slung over their shoulders have joined the thousands of protesters who are now showing up nightly in Portland.

On Saturday, a festival in Roanoke, Virginia, will recognize Black fathers and highlight how fatherhood comes in many forms, from a married father to a brother or grandfather who step into the role.

Girl dads! The Girl Scouts just rolled out 24 new badges “designed to help girls practice leadership skills in civics, entrepreneurship, STEM career exploration, and automotive engineering.”

In its 15-year history, the Dads Cycle for Charity has traveled all over Ireland and raised €200,000

… and Zachary Parris, who has battled prostate cancer since 2012, created Ride On Dads to raise money for research and encourage men to get tested.

In a new documentary, Prince William said that once you become a father, emotions that you thought you’d already dealt with can resurface “out of the blue.”

Zac Efron’s new “dad bod” is absolutely not a dad bod

Life is too short for parenting perfectionism. The helicopter should have crashed a long time ago.

A great interview about fatherhood with Ludacris, who is a girl dad four times over.


“Escaping school almost doesn’t seem adequate. Perhaps the school systems on the moon are more reasonable.” — Andrew Knott, My Children Won’t Be Returning to School in 2020

“This scene fills me with so many emotions because when I was at my absolute lowest it was friends that I did not expect who came out of those portals, ready to fight beside me.” — James Estrada, On Your Left

“If it’s simply ‘my way or the highway,’ does that mean we say we love them and would do anything for them, but not enough to care what they say or think?” — Matt Hoffman, Strong Enough To Bend

“I can’t imagine a better way to launch a podcast than to talk to these two wonderful kids about a topic this personal.” — Roberto Santiago, Five People, Four Sets of Pronouns

“Her nickname stemmed from my work and career as a butcher, if I’m completely honest. From the first moment I held her, the words slipped off of my tongue. My beautiful Pork Chop.” — Eddie Pitt, My Daughters’ Nicknames


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