Our Call For (Digital) Speakers Opens Today!

Doug FrenchDad 2.0 Digital, Fatherhood on Friday

You may be surprised to learn that, while we were focused on other things, August has sneaked onto our wall calendars. This most august of months is traditionally when we launch our Call For Speakers for the upcoming summit, and in defiant defense of the Old Normal, we’re doing in again!

Naturally, since Dad 2.0 Digital is coming to you October 1-2-3 (just eight weeks from right now), we’ve made some minor timing adjustments. We’re opening the window for just ten days, August 7-16, and we’re planning to have most of the event staffed by the end of the month.

If you’ve pitched a panel or idea before, the process is exactly as it has been. Use the form at the bottom of our Speakers page (we’ll be emphasizing influencers and entrepreneurship, but all topics are welcome), await your confirmation email, and we’ll be in contact very soon.

If you’re a newbie who messaged us on Instagram, or subscribed to our newsletter, or downloaded our podcast, here are some resources to peruse as you craft your submission:

We’ll also be updating our Schedule and FAQ pages all this week. For now, it should suffice that all formats (keynotes, breakouts, workshops, roundtables, and 1.1 mentorships) are in play, and that we’ll be meeting from 11am to 5pm ET, to accommodate everyone who’ll be tuning in all over the world.

That’s the coolest bit to contemplate isn’t it?


The Better Life Lab‘s new report: Republicans and Democrats agree strongly that the main reason men do not take paid leave to care for others is because they simply can’t afford to.

Whatever organization(s) you belong to, here’s a list of strategies on how to engage the dads to get involved.

While they were waiting to be fished out of the water, the “Space Dads” lived up to their moniker with some prank phone calls.

Programs like these, which help new dads learn the ropes and expect the unexpected, are cropping up all over. They are welcome and long overdue.

After a near-death experience, broadcaster Steve Backshall said he “had thundered around the planet desperately doing all these crazy things to find out what I was put here for. And then I found it in something as simple as becoming a dad.”

The Drifter Dads Club started as a diversion from quarantine, and it has grown into a twice-weekly gathering that hits 5 million views on TikTok.

On his first day away from his wife and new baby, Mike Trout estimated he FaceTimed them about 30 times before gametime. Then he hit a home run in his first at-bat.

Ryan Bell created Black Father Family, a group to unite and educate Black fathers in the Roanoke Valley.

A great new support group for dads with kids with conditions including epilepsy, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome.


“I have always gone to my dad for life and career advice. While he was scared for me and the repercussions I would face, he knew this was something I needed to do.” — JT Brown, Why I Raised My Fist

“He was only six years younger than I am now when he met his third and final son, his ‘good luck charm’ as he would often say, his kid without a middle name, his oddball.” — Jeff Bogle, The Long and Winding Road Nears Its End

“I am not an emotional man, but now I cry a lot more than I used to. I’ve had to fight and coach myself into pulling it together — sometimes before I go on the air, sometimes while I’m on the air.” — Craig Melvin, I’m a Black Dad. I Fear for My Kids. But I Also Have Hope.

“In a moment I had become what I feared I would when I was young, a father who let anger control him.” — Christian Curet, Male Anger – A Moment in My Fatherhood and a Problem In Our Country

“Bro, this is hard. Because it exposes things about you that you don’t know about yourself. It exposes all of your insecurities, and it’s a huge emotional undertaking if you do it the right way.” — Kier Gaines, Instagram post


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