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We love it when a plan comes together, even when the plan seems rather preposterous on its surface. A conference without contact? We hear you, but we also saw firsthand this week at Mom 2.0 Everywhere, which concluded yesterday, that online interaction can be dynamic and user-friendly. And there are lots of perks to an online event, apart from the creative wardrobe options below the belt:

  • The Socio interface we’ll be using offers plenty of opportunity to contact other attendees, either by text or Zoom, to set up mentoring times, discuss potential business partnerships, or just shoot the shit.
  • Clicking in and out makes it much easier to attend two sessions occurring at the same time, without the creak of a big, ballroom door. 
  • If you’re running out of energy, there’s no need to trek through the madding crowd and hibernate in your hotel room. Just click off, and you’re already home. 

The topics we’ll be covering are coming together nicely, too.

  • Morning fitness sessions about mental, physical, and nutritional health with Dai Manuel.
  • Panels on Brand Relations During And After Covid, Case Studies of Brilliant Campaigns, and Raising Boys To Be Good Men.
  • Hacking Search to Grow Your Audience, with Adam Cohen.
  • Podcast Marketing, with Alec Lace.
  • Constructing Dynamic Websites, with Sponsor Bluehost.
  • Augment Your Video with Instagram Reels, with Stewart Reynolds.
  • Freelance Writing, with Jared Bilski.
  • Crafting the Aggressive Counterpitch, with James Lopez and Jorge Narvaez.
  • Memoir Writing, with Tom and Lucy Riles.
  • Social Media Marketing Hacks, with Christopher Lewis.
  • Stay-at-Home Brandwork, with Brock Lusch.
  • How to Pitch Anything, with David Stanley.
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant, with Mark Savant.
  • A fully interactive session of Dad Voices, proven over the years as a must-attend crowd favorite.
  • … and much more, including an exciting announcement Monday of our opening keynote speaker!

Here are three important points that we announced  that deserves to be reiterated and re-reiterated for the next two weeks:

  • If you bought an early-bird $79 ticket back in February, because you are savvy and prescient and have faith in us, you’re all set for Dad 2.0 Digital AND Dad 2.021.
  • Tickets for the full Dad 2.0 Digital package are just $99.
  • If you want to secure your spot at Dad 2.021 at the same time, we have a whopper of a deal that lets you attend both Dad 2.0 Digital AND Dad 2.021 for just $149. Which means you’re basically attending our next in-person conference for just fitty bucks.

Whew. That’s enough bullet points for a Friday. Stay tuned for more information all next week, and we look forward to seeing you in the Zoom Rooms on October 1-2-3!


Scientists have successfully created animal surrogate fathers that carry only the genes of donor animals — nicknamed “super dads” — which could greatly enhance global food production.

In order to turn around plummeting birth rates around the world, paid parental leave policies need a comprehensive overhaul.

Golf involves a ton of self-scrutiny, but when you’re a dad, Rory McIlroy says, you can ease off a bit and put bad shots in perspective.

This year’s socially-distanced Halloween will happen thanks to innovations like this delivery chute, which also defends against that kid who takes all the Butterfingers.

Our condolences to Bill Gates after the passing of his father, William H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist who stayed supportive when his son dropped out of college.

When you’re a dad with a small business, hiring your daughter to handle your promotion on social media can lead to success stories like this one.

Congratulations to Joe Buck, who joins his legendary dad Jack as the only father-son duo to win the Pete Rozelle Award and enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s difficult to keep up with the demands of raising children when your introversion craves downtime.

John Van Arnam, founder of The Third Talk, has created a free video series to help parents educate their kids about how to avoid online porn.


“I wanted to be more open and honest in my life and in my work. I had to start asking myself some hard questions about who I was and what I valued. I wanted to be a better husband and father. I wanted to be a better man.” — Michael Ian Black, To My Son: Men Have to ‘Allow Ourselves to Be Loved’

“What on earth are they thinking? That real men and tough women don’t wear helmets? Are they the same adults who resent having to wear masks?” — John Merrow, Real Grownups Also Wear Helmets

“The dad who showed his picture first puts it back in his wallet. Everyone pats him on the back, and we all talk about the next steps. Geothermal model? Maybe have twins, one tank to hold a reserve for the other.”— Shannon CarpenterNew Baby Warms Dads’ Hearts and Their Water

“Through a few panicked breaths while lying on the ground, I wondered how differently the situation would have played out if the cops were Black, like my dad.” — Justin Phillips, My Dad Was A Cop. He Says More Black People Need To Join the Police

“While he was walking on the road, a couple of white men pulled up next to him in a car and asked, ‘Boy, can you run?’ My father said nothing and kept walking.” — Bill Russell, Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote


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