Dad 2.0 Digital: How It’s All Going To Happen

Doug FrenchDad 2.0 Digital, Fatherhood on Friday

After months of prep and anticipation, we’re finally on the doorstep of Dad 2.0 Digital! The event starts Wednesday, September 30, with our customary Newbie Seminar (and now Tech Review, featuring the desktop interface and the Socio app we’ll be using), followed by our also-customary Conference Eve Twitter Wingding, where we discuss everything we have planned (Speakers, Sponsors, panel topics, etc.) and hurl the #dad2summit hashtag around like funfetti at the Super Bowl.

The daily Schedule kicks in on Thursday, and to accommodate as many time zones as possible (a novel thing to consider), the bulk of our programming will be broadcast from 11am to 5pm Eastern time. And speaking of bulk, our friend Dai “Moose” Manuel will be indulging all the early-bird exercisers with fitness sessions starting each day at 9am ET. (That’s 6am for him in Vancouver, but he’s agreed to sleep in until then.)

After some opening remarks, we’ll start with our keynote discussion with Michael Ian Black about his new book, A Better Man (seen above) at 11:30 am. Over the next three days, we’ll have three panel discussions (about Counterpitching Brands to Create the Best Content, Maintaining A Varied Career in Freelance Writing, and Raising Boys to Be Good Men) and nine Workshops, all of which will not be counterprogrammed! So you have the option of attending absolutely everything we’ve planned.

We also have some fun extras, like ways to connect virtually by waving your phone (yes, that’s a thing), a Scavenger Hunt of hidden codes that will earn you points toward a grand prize, and a Friday night happy hour hosted by Tom and Lucy Riles that will lead into our annual Dad Voices open mic free-for-all.

Thanks to the hundreds of you who have signed up to join us (including everyone from the world’s farthest corners who can finally attend without schlepping to the States). Tickets are still available (because virtual events never sell out) at just $99 here, and if you want to take advantage of a truly ridiculous deal, you can secure your spots at both Dad 2.0 Digital AND Dad 2.021 (details of which we’ll reveal as soon as we’re empowered to plan them post-COVID), for just $149.

See you all next week! Get ready to arrive with your passions, your expertise, and your questions, and to leave as better influencers, fathers, and men.


We’re glad to see that “Best Companies for Dads” has become a routinely newsworthy story. But we still see too much emphasis on what is offered, and not enough on whether dads are encouraged to take it.

Watch your feed for posts about the Ad Council‘s new #Dadication campaign, because any form of dadication makes our kids’ lives better.

The Japanese government launched the Ikumen Project to encourage more men to get involved in parenting. The word ikumen literally translates to “childcare hunk.”

Old-school dad bloggers are familiar with Matt Logelin, who started blogging after his wife died of an embolism 27 hours after their daughter was born. We’re excited to see what Kevin Hart does with the story.

As the NBA Playoffs near their conclusion, LA Lakers players talk enthusiastically about how they’re looking forward to being reunited with their kids.

A study has found that mothers are more likely than fathers to say they’ve started drinking more alcohol.

If you’re co-parenting, you might be tempted to be the “buddy dad.” But it’s in the best interest of your kids to align your disciplinary strategies with your ex, however difficult that might be.

After a cancer diagnosis gave him weeks to live, Scott Sullivan asked his hospice nurse to help him see his son play football one last time.

Imagine starting a new life as a father right after you’ve won a $1 million jackpot in a scratch-off game


“When he closes the door for the final time, the ratio of crockery to empty space can be as high as 100:1. The whirly thing will be clearing saucepans by a fraction of a millimetre.” — Adrian Chiles, If Dishwasher-Loading Was a Sport, My Dad Would Be World Champion

“It’s strange cultivating a better life for your family when every natural impulse is screaming to just hunker down.” — Chris Gaffney, Grief and Cheer: Two Sides of a Perpetually Spinning Coin

“Your body is made of … butt?” — La Guardia Cross, My Kids Explain Life, Death, and God

“Hardware stores, to the ambitious yet limited in fixer-upper ability, are designed to break the heart. You walk in full of optimism, like a bottom-dwelling baseball team marching into spring training.” — Kevin McKeever, Taking a Lickin’ at the Hardware Store

“Two essential tools that many fathers use with their daughters, compassion and nurturing, would greatly benefit sons. Yet they’re still being withheld from boys — at great cost.” — Andrew Reiner, Dads Need to Give Sons the Same Nurturing They Give Their Daughters


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