#HowRightNow Asks: How Are You Feeling? (Seriously, dude.)

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As parents, one of our prime directives is to help our kids cultivate the coping skills they’ll need when life leaves their cake out in the rain. And after seven months of quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our own cakes are looking pretty drenched right now.

That’s why we’re happy to spend today with the #HowRightNow initiative, which on 10/15 encourages each of us to spend 10 to 15 minutes to acknowledge whatever stress, anxiety, or sadness we might be experiencing and take even the smallest steps to alleviate it.

This isn’t about devising the Solve Everything panacea, which you might think of if your instinct is to try and fix everything. Since emotions are famously unfixable, we’re looking at brief increments of focus on what you can to do feel a little better. Talk to a friend (or listen to one, using the above graphic as a guide). Get down on the floor with your kids and make a memory. Get some exercise and unleash some endorphins, or re-watch a favorite scene from the world’s stupidest movie. Or click on the graphic below for more ideas:

We’re in the conference business, and each year we hope each dad who attends leaves with a few more blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, contacts in his phone. In our experience, we find one of our best weapons against stress and anxiety is using all the technology and resources we have to remind us we’re not alone.

If your cake gets wet, you can still eat the part that’s still good. Then gather the strength to bust out the cake pans and bake the next one.