Hot Take: The Robert Kardashian Hologram Is Kool

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

When Kim Kardashian turned 40 last week, her husband (a musical performer of some renown) had a particular quandary: What do you get for the woman who could look at a list of 30 things to buy for $30 million and buy them all?

The answer was a two-minute message from a hologram of her late father, Robert, telling her how proud he is of the mogul, mother, and woman she has built herself to be.

Reaction on social media was swift, and mostly derisive, mainly because showcasing how incredibly stinking rich you are comes off as particularly tone-deaf when so many families are suffering. Plus, it’s hard to overlook the polarizing nature of her eccentric extended family, who derive such dazzling wealth and notoriety despite few discernible talents.

If you set aside the sideshow, though, you have to admit: If it’s the thought that counts, this thought counts pretty highly. Beyond the incredible expense, it’s also incredibly thoughtful and personalized, offering a message anyone can appreciate: Your dad loves you.

And yes, Robert didn’t really record it. It’s deep-fake and synthetic, and it’s scripted by Kanye to say how great Kanye is. But if you had the chance to record a deep-real version for your own kids, you’d totally do it. Just so they’ll always know you love them 3,000.


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