Episode 56: Taylor Calmus Is Not A One-Man Show

dad2summitDad 2.0-Cast

Since Taylor Calmus defines a Dude Dad as “an invested father dedicated to raising kids in the most epic way possible,” he says he’s clearly not the only one. And he’s quick to thank his parents (who sent him from rural South Dakota to LA for “a semester abroad”) and his wife Heidi (who refused to let him quit) for facilitating and inspiring Dude Dad’s success.

Since speaking at Dad 2.020 in February, Taylor has moved to Colorado, co-created his third child, and shot eight episodes of his new TV show Super Dad, which will arrive with the debut of the new Magnolia (formerly DIY) Network. We talk about raising free-range kids, the beauty of Rube Goldberg contraptions, and why Heidi makes him apologize for stuff he does in her dreams.

This episode is brought to you in part by Dad 2.0 Digital Sponsor Medieval Times, and includes a brief interview with Senior VP of Operations Jon Speier and jouster/performer Cameron Pruitt.

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