Join Us November 6 for National Dads’ Day Out!



Since our last Dad 2.0 Summit in March 2020, we’ve learned that social media and Zoom calls just don’t cut it. Real life happens in real contact with real people, and when we’re deprived of that contact, our collective mental health suffers. For dads, that suffering means we’re less effective in the most important role of our lifetime.

After all this time, it’s great to see that gatherings are back. Kids are back in school, stadiums have crowds, and responsible people are following the health protocols that allow us to reconnect in person while keeping our families safe.

With that in mind, we’re very happy to announce that, in partnership with our good friends at City Dads Group, we’re declaring the triumphant return to the IRL lifestyle with a National Dads’ Day Out on Saturday, November 6! We’re organizing meetups in cities all over the country designed to get dads together to reconnect, share experiences (and maybe some refreshments) and talk about what lies ahead. Here’s the list of cities so far:

Kansas City
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
Salt Lake City
Twin Cities

More cities are coming! Don’t see yours listed? Drop us a note!

We’re especially happy and thankful to the team at American Underdog, the terrific upcoming film about Kurt Warner’s rise from supermarket employee to Super Bowl MVP, for sponsoring  Dads’ Day Out and understanding that gatherings are a crucial part of improving our mental health. Our Dads’ Day Out will feature some brief Dad 2.0 programming on the mental health benefits of interpersonal connections, an opportunity to support Movember, and an exclusive Dad 2.0 keynote interview with Kurt Warner and the man who portrays him, actor Zachary Levi.

Ready for a day or evening of camaraderie, connections, and fun? Each of these sites has a different event in mind for the day. And again: If you don’t see a city near you on that list above, check out this short form, and learn how to lead your own!