Five Easy But Good Holiday Gifts for Dad

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If you’re kind of a procrastinator during the holiday season, this particular holiday season is a good time not to be. Supply lines are clogged, shipping timelines are extended, and if you wait until the last minute, your gifts will likely arrive the last minute before Arbor Day.

That’s why we’re so impressed with ourselves, publishing a gift guide for dads with almost three weeks to spare before Christmas! Because we’re here, with our partners at American Underdog, to offer hope to everyone that you can still find something good, shipped quickly, and on a budget for the dad in your life.

This is just a quick reference list, but there are lots of good ideas out there. If you have additional recommendations, add them in the comments below. And happy shopping!

For the Music-Loving Dad

Great portable audio tech is always a solid go-to gift, and longtime readers might recall our review of Dolby Laboratory’s first ever consumer headphone product during Dad 2.019. But if you have a love-hate relationship with most earbuds (which too often require a frustrating trade-off with a smaller size profile and higher audio fidelity), the newly-released AirPods 3rd Generation ($179) combine the attributes of both the original AirPods (Gens 1 and 2) and the newer AirPods Pro.

These don’t have active sound cancelling (which is mostly overrated in the Pro models, anyway) and despite the increased audio fidelity, the bass can be a bit underwhelming. But they still link effortlessly with your Apple products (switching between them is even easier), and even though they’re noticeably larger, they still miraculously fit in almost anyone’s ears. Most notably, the stem on the AirPods 3 serves as a touch-sensitive controller for your music and Siri, a really nice feature borrowed from the Pro model. And you can get AirPods 3 in a custom-engraved charging case for Dad, shipped to your door with time to spare!

For the Fitness-Conscious Dad

Many dads are increasingly mindful of their physical fitness, but no matter how we exercise, as we age we increasingly pay the price with soreness, stiffness, and aches. So what better way to help with fitness than to facilitate daily recovery? Percussion massagers are all the rage these days, but they are large, heavy, and expensive. This is why both Dad and your wallet will love the Exogun Mini (starting at $95), which packs the same significant therapeutic punch but fits easily into a gym tote or weekend bag. 

For the Dad Who Always Misplaces His Stuff

Aging minds agree: When you can’t find something important, your mind plays all manner of cruel tricks on you. Seriously: the main reason some of us wear Smart watches is just to help find our phones. Enter the Tile Mate Essential ($80 at Best Buy), which we prefer to Apple’s AirTag product because Tile has a broad range of size configurations (including a credit card-sized tag that fits in your wallet) and neat features like the keychain button that helps locate a lost phone. Attach these water-resistant Tiles to whatever you need to keep track of, and your aging mind will hopefully remember to thank you.

For the Traditional Gentleman Dad

If you’ve never been a pocket knife person, you should know that a handmade “gentleman’s pocket knife” is definitely a thing. And the stunning blades made by Santa Fe Stoneworks (starting at $100) are inlaid with semi-precious materials like onyx, aquamarine, mother of pearl, and exotic and beautiful rarities like petrified wooly mammoth tusk and fossilized dinosaur bone. They’re practically jewelry.

Santa Fe Stoneworks makes knives in multiple sizes, but the gentleman’s pocket knife has a short, 3-inch blade, and when folded it fits comfortably and unobtrusively in most pockets. And once you start carrying one, you’ll find it’s incredibly handy in ways you didn’t expectopening mail or packages, conquering a stubborn bag of chips or pet food, removing tags, etc. And in addition to their impeccable customer service. Santa Fe Stoneworks guarantees their knives for life, and when you ship it back for repairs or sharpening, it will come back in perfect shape and razor-sharp.

And Finally, For the Dad Who Loves Movies and/or Football and/or Movies About Football

Back in September, we were lucky enough to preview American Underdog, the amazing story of Hall-of-Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, who went from stocking grocery store shelves on the graveyard shift to being named MVP in the Rams’ 1999 Super Bowl victory. (Check out our interview with Kurt and the man who plays him, Zachary Levi, here.) Beneath the exhilarating sports story, this film plays as a two-hour dad blog, a love letter to family, marriage, fatherhood, faith, and unwavering perseverance that is rousing, introspective, and brash. It will appeal to the entire family, even if you can’t tell a slot back from a tight end.

American Underdog releases nationwide on Saturday, December 25th (Christmas Day!), so why not make an outing out of it? Pre-order your tickets here and take Dad out to see it, then treat him to meal and talk about it. You’ll be glad you did. 

Photo by Dad Grass on Unsplash