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Medieval Times

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament was founded in 1977 in Spain, based on authentic Medieval history and the true story of a noble family with documentation dating back to the 11th Century. The first U.S. castle opened in 1983, and the concept has grown into the most popular dinner attraction in North America, with locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Buena Park, Calif., Chicago, Dallas, Lyndhurst, N.J., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Orlando, Fla., Scottsdale and Toronto. Medieval Times also is one of the largest breeders of Pure Spanish horses in North America. The 241-acre ranch in Sanger, Texas, has been breeding these rare Andalusian horses since 1992. The horses, known for their glorious physique and noble temperament, are bred and trained for use at all of the Medieval Times dinner attractions.



GSK is a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. For further information please visit


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Intellivision Amico

What is Amico™?
Intellivision Amico is a video game entertainment system designed to bring social fun back to the living room! Amico is the Italian word for “friend” or “buddy” and Intellivision Amico fully encapsulates this meaning with a home video game console that has fun, value and togetherness at its core. Amico easily hooks up to a TV and comes with six premium games. Two easy-to-use color touchscreen controllers come standard and up to six more can be added, making gameplay enjoyable for up to eight simultaneous players of all skill levels. Affordable, family-friendly games encourage group participation and teamwork, and are safe for all ages – there’s no graphic violence/blood, bad language, or inappropriate content. Designed to appeal to a broad audience from nostalgic gamers to families who want to enjoy fun games together, Amico is the perfect new friend for your home! For more information, visit



Developed by a dad, WaterWipes understands that parenthood is full of love and happiness, with some fear and worry occasionally mixed in. That’s why we developed the World’s Purest Baby Wipes, so that wiping your baby’s bottom (and face and hands, too!) is one less thing you have to worry about. The purity of WaterWipes is here to help you get through all of those perfect – and imperfect – parenting moments.

WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes containing simply two ingredients – 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. WaterWipes are hypoallergenic and have no fragrance, parabens or sulphates.


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Kate Solomon, creator and founder of Babo Botanicals, developed the brand through her love and passion for natural beauty, purity and the power of plant science when she became a mom and couldn’t find products she felt comfortable to use on her own children. Babo Botanicals ranges target specific solutions with effective plant-based ingredients that gently moisturize, smooth, or purify hair and soothe sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Babo Botanicals is the Sensitive Skin Authority™ and makers of natural, dairy- soy- and gluten-free hair, skin and reef-safe mineral sun care products for the entire family. Babo Botanicals is B Corp Certified, Cruelty Free and Made In The USA. Available at Whole Foods Market, buybuyBABY, Giggle, and #babolove #bringyourbabo



Bluehost offers the best way to get started building a beautiful and effective website. By leveraging the power of WordPress, Bluehost provides the fastest website creation methods coupled with intuitive management tools to accelerate successful results. From secure automated WordPress installations, to advanced marketing tools and services, and access to specialized WordPress experts, Bluehost is the best place to start and grow a successful website.



In Fall 2020, “back to school” also means “stay at home” for most families for at least part of the day. Coming to the rescue: Connected Camps affordable online programs.

Connected Camps is a not-for-profit providing fun learning experiences that foster creativity, problem solving, collaboration and interest-driven learning. It was created by “girl geeks”: moms with years of experience as educators and a passion for the positive potential of technology.

Connected Camps has broadened its online tech programs this fall. Most programs are taught with Minecraft using a custom server, with Zoom for chat. They can customize a program for learning pods, friend groups and clubs. Kids can also plug into a variety of courses, or hop onto free moderated Minecraft servers to play.


constant contact

Constant Contact is a leader in online marketing with a mission to provide people with a smarter way to market an idea, small business or cause online. Our platform has all the right tools, all in one place—from a logo maker and intelligent website builder to establish your brand; to email, social and search marketing tools to help you find new customers and keep them coming back. Paired with award-winning marketing advisors who know marketing across industries inside and out—and provide practical advice at every step of the way—we offer the right approach to online marketing to achieve the results you want. For more information, visit:



A safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticide head lice treatment, and it works!

Using traditional lice treatments that contain chemical pesticides, such as permethrin and pyrethrum, are not effective when treating resistant “super lice” head lice infestations. Affordable, over-the-counter Licefreee! brand non-toxic head lice treatments use the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, to effectively kill head lice and nits. Our treatments are easy to use so you can get back to your normal life quickly and lice free!


Mediavine is a full service ad management and monetization partner, dedicated to helping influencers build sustainable businesses.

From educational tools and cutting edge plugins to ad technology that maximizes earnings without slowing down your site, our motivation is ensuring your brand and business grow in every respect.

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Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – creates comfortable, energy efficient indoor environments for commercial and residential applications. For more information, please visit or


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fathering together

Fathering Together is a 501c3 that supports individuals who identify as fathers to become better parents and people. We accomplish this through community, learning experiences, increased connection and communication with self and others, and access to guidance and resources.