Delivered In October: It’s DAD 2.0 DIGITAL!

Here’s the announcement we’re pretty sure you’ve seen coming for a while now: Our fall event is going Digital! We pursued all sorts of options to preserve the possibility of gathering in person for the Summit we planned, but since that’s not possible, we’re doing the next best thing: We’re delivering the Summit right to your lap(top):

  • We’re holding it online October 1-2-3, 2020. Schedule details will follow shortly and be updated in real time as elements come together.
  • We’re going to have keynotes, breakouts, workshops, Spotlight readings, Sponsor networking, and Dad Voices, just like always.
  • We’re looking to organize a bunch of new stuff, like viewing parties and meetups, online fitness events, 1:1 conversation scheduling, and online activities with prizes.

We know the Dad 2.0 Community looks forward to our annual Summit as much as we love putting it all together. But while face-to-face gatherings are impractical for the moment, there’s still a lot of information to learn, brands to meet, deals to strike, and projects to launch.

Dad 2.0 Digital Summit - Buy Your Ticket

We’re looking forward to bringing you the true Dad 2.0 experience with a combination of innovative technologies, the latest professional tools and techniques, and the same sense of community and celebration of fatherhood that you’ve come to expect since Dad 2.0 began in 2012.