1. Who should attend Dad 2.0 Summit?
The Dad 2.0 Summit should be on your annual go-to list if you are:

  • a dad.
  • a dadblogger.
  • a dadblogger who has (or plans to start) a career as an entrepreneur and/or online influencer.
  • thinking about starting a dad blog, and looking for pointers from the pros.
  • a marketer or PR person looking to work with bloggers and social sites.
  • a publisher hoping to meet some of the best dad-specific content providers working today.
  • a person with an important dad in your life.
  • the partner of a momblogger, who recommended that you come.

Visit the Who Attends? page for more info.

2. How will the Digital event compare to the usual in-person Summit?
An excellent question, one that only a very shrewd, attractive person like you would ask.

Dad 2.0 Digital is more than a reaction to the pandemic that is temporarily restricting our ability to gather. It represents an opportunity to meet more often, reach more dads all over the world, and create a digital archive of the knowledge we share. We’re going to have all the same great content — keynotes, breakouts, workshops, Spotlight readings, Sponsor networking, and Dad Voices, just like always — but we’re also and looking to organize a bunch of new stuff, like viewing parties and meetups, online fitness events, 1:1 conversation scheduling, and online activities with prizes.

You can read more about it here.

3. Where do I get tickets?
Tickets for Dad 2.0 Digital are available here; a Digital ticket is $99, and a ticket that includes admission to the 2021 Summit is just $149.

4. Wait. WHAT?!?
That’s right. Combo tickets for Dad 2.0 Digital and Dad 2.021 are just $149. Your ticket includes all-access admission to all conference programming.

5. How can I learn more about becoming a Sponsor?
We’d love to have you! Head over to our Become A Sponsor page and tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll work together on a plan to fit your goals and budget.

6. I have my ticket! How can I connect with other attendees before the conference and keep track of all the important Dad 2.0 news and announcements?
Make sure to join the private Dad 2.0 Digital Community Facebook group! Apply for inclusion after you’ve registered, and once you’re in, introduce yourself! It’s a great opportunity to get to know one another, coordinate travel, find a roommate, etc.

Also: subscribe to the podcast and the Fatherhood on Friday newsletter, and/or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

7. What type of Speakers come to the Dad 2.0 Summit? What do they speak about?
We’re very fortunate to have had so many content providers, media professionals, and brand representatives speak at Dad 2.0 over the years. You can find the list of everyone who has ever graced a lectern with us here.

Our conference has a basis in business, and we discuss many facets of how bloggers and brands work together to sustain our industry. But we also know your online presence is most salable after you’ve found your center as a writer, as a father, and as man.

8. How can I speak at the next Dad 2.0 Summit?
Our Call For Speakers is open until Sunday, August 16.

9. I’m speaking! Can I get reimbursed for my ticket?
Absolutely. If you’ve bought your ticket directly through Dad 2.0 and subsequently sign on as a speaker, you will be reimbursed in full. We prefer to use PayPal, because it’s quick and electronic.

10. Are moms invited?
Hell, yes. Our conference has “Dad” in the title, but many moms have spoken with us over the years, and we value their expertise. Plus, we wouldn’t be dads without them.

11. I bought my ticket, and now I can’t attend! Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?
We do not offer ticket refunds, and tickets purchased may not transfer to subsequent years. If you are unable to use a ticket you’ve purchased, however, you can find a buyer (which becomes easier after tickets sell out).

If you’d like to transfer or donate your ticket, go to this Eventbrite page for instructions on how to do so, and make sure to update it with ALL of the buyer’s information. (The ticket can only be managed and edited by the original ticket owner.)

12. I have a question, but it’s not answered here. Help?!
No worries; we’re here to help. Drop us a line at info [at] dad2summit [dot] com, and we’ll answer your question ASAP. We might even post it here for future generations!