Fatherly is a resource for parents who understand that embracing what they’ve become doesn’t mean giving up who they are. The site delivers expert-driven, evidenced-based parenting insights to guide you through the most inquisitive and acquisitive phase of your life.

With a comprehensive suite of content broken down by your child’s exact age, Fatherly provides info on everything from preparing the home for a baby’s arrival, to transitioning them to solid food, to figuring out what to do with this tiny human being once he or she starts walking, talking, and demanding to be shown a good time.

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City Dads Group

City Dads Group is a dynamic and diverse national organization that helps men navigate fatherhood. This growing community of over 7,500 fathers in 26 major U.S. metropolitan areas organizes social and educational gatherings for dads and families and outreach campaigns for brands and non-profits. City Dads Group also works with reporters and entertainment companies to encourage more accurate and positive portrayals of fathers and fatherhood in media and advertising. Go to www.citydadsgroup.com to find our blog, podcast, and links to all of our groups.

Life of Dad

Life of Dad

Life of Dad celebrates the adventure of fatherhood.

Every day, our worldwide community of fathers and parents comes together to find entertainment, humor and discussion.

We showcase thousands of blogs, podcasts, videos, celebrity interviews and other creative content, and as a social network, we connect people around a shared experience, the greatest experience a man will ever know — the experience of being a dad.