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Video & Audio Clips

Dad 2.0 on CBS “Great Day Houston” Program: John Pacini, Co-Founder of the Dad 2.0 Summit, appears on Great Day Houston to discuss the Dad 2.0 Summit and the new face of fatherhood in America.

Dad 2.0 on Fox 26 Morning Show: Dad 2.0 Co-Founders Doug French and John Pacini join Emmy-award winning host Melissa Wilson to discuss the Dad 2.0 Summit.

The BusinessMakers Radio interviews John Pacini to discuss the 2013 Dad 2.0 Summit, the push for accurately-portrayed fatherhood in the media, and the art of dad blogging. (Click “Listen Now” on the right side of the page to hear the full interview.) Interviews Doug French to shed some light on the emerging national interest in dads who are sharing their voices via social media. (Click the “play” button on the embedded) player to listen.)