Masked For Their Protection

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

Four months into the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a weird and stupid trend that somehow outweirds and outstupids all the weirdness and stupidity: indignant refusals to wear a mask in confined, public spaces. These bad actors — … Read More

Take A Break.

dad2summitFatherhood on Friday

Welcome to the second half of 2020, which in our estimation needs a midseason reboot. Strip it down to the studs. Wipe the hard drive.  Today is the public holiday when we celebrate American independence, … Read More

How Silly Can You Get?

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

Happy Friday! Did you remember today is Friday? It’s perfectly understandable if you didn’t, since time is a flat circle, and every day feels like an exercise in eternal recurrence. If nothing else, we hope … Read More

Gender Inequality Is A Sham

Doug FrenchFatherhood on Friday

Last month, Dad 2.020DC ThreeNote speaker and Slate contributor Dan Kois wrote “America Is A Sham,” outlining proscriptions and penalties that have been miraculously withdrawn for the coronavirus quarantine. If the TSA can waive its … Read More